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It’s a Limited Edition hybrid pack created to  spin, playability and control, making optimum use of the synergies between the main features of different kinds of strings. Each pack contains a twisted co-poly in triangular shape and a high strength latest generation syngut with textures on the outer surface to enhance ball biting and crispy feeling. The particular structure of the monofilament combined to the syngut’s textures, increases the string bed three-dimensionality/roughness lowering the friction between the strings and increasing the snap-back effect. The great syngut durability and the monofilament fast response make the Spin Drill CTRL LE highly recommended even in “reverse” hybrid.


  • Color: Red / Black
  • Gauge: 1.25 Poly / 1.32 Multi
  • Lenght: 6.7m / 6.1m
  • Construction: Twisted triangular co-poly / High strength textured syngut
  • Main features: Spin, Control
  • Optimum tension range: 19-22kg