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It’s a Limited Edition hybrid pack created to maximize spin, playability and control, making optimum use of the synergies between the main features of different kinds of strings. Each pack contains a high strength latest generation syngut with textures on the outer surface and a powerful latest generation syngut with double ribbons layer construction. It’s the perfect choice for players who needs a control-oriented and spin friendly string (tipically monofilament-like) but with a comfort level even greater than any other poly/multi or poly/gut hybrid. The feeling is top-notch and the pocketing can be increased by using in “reverse” hybrid.


  • Color: Black / Gold
  • Gauge: 1.32 Multi / 1.30 Multi
  • Lenght: 6.2m / 6.2m
  • Construction: High strength textured syngut / Double ribbon layer syngut
  • Main features: Spin, Feel, Comfort
  • Optimum tension range: 20-23kg